Benoit Couchot
Benoit Couchot, born in 1996 in France is a contemporary dancer who has received his certificate of Technical Ability in Contemporary Dance in Paris, France in 2015. He is now working on his bachelor of dance in Codarts, the Netherlands and an internship at TanzMainz Company in Germany. In 2017 he was awarded with the “1st Price Public Choice” for ‘Mutiko ala Neska’, which is his own choreography, at the International Solo-Tanz-Theater and the ‘Final Price Public Choice’ at the International Solo-Tanz-Theater in Stuttgart Germany. With his work ‘Mutiko ala Neska’ he also was on stage at the JULIDANS festival in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, at the Germany and Brasil tour of the SoloTanzTheater Festival and in Bangkok at the KAFKA festival. Benoit performed several works of choreographers such as ‘BOOM’ of Joost Vrouenraets, ‘Bella Figura’ of Jiří Kylián, ‘Then, Before, Now, Once More’ of Antonin Comestaz, ‘Innocent Children’ of Alleyne Dance, ‘Ensign’ of Jarek Cemerek in 2017. With his own work he performed in Korzo, Den Haag and Schouwburg, Rotterdam in 2016. With “FLUX” choreographed by Sanja Maier-Hasagic he was on stage in the DeDoelen, Rotterdam. In 2015 Benoit was part of the ‘TRAVIATA’, in the Opera en Plein Air Tour France. In 2015, he followed workshops of choreographers such as Frédéric Despierre, Ronai Attila, Liat Waysbort and Marina Mascarell, in 2016 workshops of Neus Gil Cortés, Isabelle Chaffaud, Alleyne Dance. In 2017 he followed workshops at the Poetic Disaster Club, Gaga Summer and Winter Intensive, Tel Aviv and workshops of James Finnemore and Jos Baker. Currently he is working on his last year of his bachelor of dance at Codarts in Rotterdam, Netherlands Education 2018-19 - Internship, TanzMainz Company, DE 2015-19 - Bachelor of Dance, Codarts, NL 2014-15 - Certificate of Technical Ability in Contemporary Dance, Paris, FR Performances 2017-18 - ‘Mutiko ala Neska’, Own work, JULIDANS festival, Amsterdam; SoloTanzTheater festival, Germany and Brasil tour, KAFKA festival, Bangkok - ‘BOOM’, Joost Vrouenraets - ‘Bella Figura’, Jiří Kylián - ‘Then, Before, Now, Once More’, Antonin Comestaz - ‘Innocent Children’, Alleyne Dance - ‘Ensign’, Jarek Cemerek 2016 - ‘FLUX’, Sanja Maier-Hasagic , DeDoelen, Rotterdam - Own work, Korzo, Den Haag and Schouwburg, Rotterdam 2015 - ‘TRAVIATA’, Opera en Plein Air Tour France Workshops 2017 - Gaga Summer and Winter intensive, Tel Aviv - Poetic Disaster Club - James Finnemore - Jos Baker 2016 - Neus Gil Cortés - Isabelle Chaffaud - Alleyne Dance 2015 - Frédéric Despierre and Ronai Attila - Liat Waysbort - Marina Mascarell Awards 2017 - ‘1st Price Public Choice’ for ‘Mutiko ala Neska’, International Solo-Tanz-Theater, Stuttgart - ‘Final Price Public Choice’ for ‘Mutiko ala Neska’, International Solo-Tanz-Theater, Stuttgart - Scholarship, Dansfonds Corrie Hartong