Chiara Rontini Germany
Chiara Rontini started her education at the Le Fronde dance school in Castel Bolognese in Italy. There she gained experience in various disciplines such as classical ballet, modern dance, jazz and hip hop. She developed a special liking for contemporary dance, which is why she deepened her training to do so. Afterwards, she traveled a lot, ia. to New York, where she met leading scene choreographers and was able to develop her dance style in a variety of projects. Back in Italy, she worked with the Faenza's Dance Studio Company and went on an international tour, ia. with the performance TROIS POUR LA NOUVELLE DANCE in the choreography of Alessandro Bigonzetti, Arturo CannistrĂ  and Martina The reason. Later, Chiara Rontini became a member of the Opus Ballet Company in Florence, with appearances in Fez, Monaco, Palamos, Budapest, Panama and Luxembourg followed. She collaborated with choreographers Arianna Benedetti in OTELLO and Aurelie Mounier in JAMAIS DIRE DEUS SANS TOI. In the summer of 2017 she danced in a competition in Hanover in the choreography of Giovanni Napoli's ABOUT RELATIONS. Since the season 2017/18 Chiara Rontini is a permanent member of the ensemble at the Theater Ulm.