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4th SOLO Contemporary Dance Festival 3-5 September 2021, Ankara / Cermodern The International SOLO Contemporary Dance Festival, aiming to offer a brand new perspective on individual movement in the field of contemporary/conceptual dance, will take place for the fourth time on September 3, 4, 5 at CerModern Open-Air Stage. The advisory team of the program consists of Deniz Alp, Özgür Adam and Galip Emre who are considered high-placed in the field of contemporary dance. Aiming to establish a direct relationship with all disciplines of art, CerModern offers a rich festival program to the audience during the three-day events. The program contains performances of national and international artists, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings and many other events relating contemporary dance. Solo dance artists will perform at the stage of CerModern from all over the world; Spain, Switzerland, Czech Republic, U.S.A., Portugal, Bulgaria, Romania, Ireland, Italy, Ukraine, Israeli, Mexico, Kosovo, Greece, Norway, Germany and France. The festival will be held in strict accordance with the rules of social distancing within the framework of COVID-19 rules established by the Ministry of Health. The festival is supported by Ankara, Ministry of Culture and Tourism. About CerModern… Since 2010, CerModern has been hosting sustainable art and culture projects in Ankara and has carried out many activities to ensure the visibility of disciplinary and interdisciplinary art and to promote artistic creation. CerModern organising activities in the field of contemporary dance in cooperation with various national and international institutions and organizations for years and carries out its activities in the field of contemporary dance under the name of “SOLO Dance”.
Deniz Alp
Galip Emre
Özgür Adam

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