Yaroslav Kaynar Ukrayna
Professional dancer, choreographer, dance instructor, winner of international competitions, theacher of contemporary dance and modern jazz in the TDS. 
Attended master classes from the European choreographers like:
Pasqualina Noel (France, M. Graham technique), Freya Faust (Axis Sillubus), Francesco Skavetty (Sweden), Geraldine Armstrong (France, jazz) and Alessandra Grasso (Italy, contrtechnique), Manuel Ronda (Belgium), Da Soul Chung (South Korea), Chevi Muraday (Spain), Matthias Rüttimann (Switzerland) and Gaga Body language by Erez Zohar, Natalia Iwaniec, Eldad Ben Sasson. Worked in cooperation with the H.Veryovka Ukrainian National Honoured Academic Folk Choir as a performer dancer. 
Dancer at the world's largest festival of d&b music "Pirate Station 2012", in 2013.
 Kaynar is one of the leading soloists in the performances "Tetra", "The Door", "Applauses of polite audience", directed by K. Shishkareva.

Yaroslav Kaynar 13.00-16.00
25-28 June

Ukrayna / Ukraine

IMPORTANT NOTE: Dancers participating in the Yaroslav Kaynar workshop will perform at the opening gala night of the Solo Contemporary Dance Festival on 29th of June, 2018 Workshop is limited to 20 persons.